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Parking lot accidents can be prevented

Working from home because of Covid-19 and now, after the holiday period, will require an adjustment to the hustle and bustle of the daily traffic challenges and parking garages.

“Parking lots are one of the busiest places for drivers to contend with. From people walking behind the cars, to trolleys abandoned in the middle of the road, drivers need an extra set of eyes to avoid all the obstacles. In fact, according to the US’s Automotive Fleet’s Annual Accident Management survey, 46% of vehicles were damaged when at least one of the vehicles was parked,” said MasterDrive managing director, Eugene Herbert.

“Two drivers reversing out at the same time and colliding, driving forward or reversing out of a parking space and colliding with passing traffic, drivers colliding with each other when they try park in the same spot and a rear-end accidents occurring when one vehicle is stationary at a stop sign or waiting for parking are the most common crashes.”

MasterDrive offers the following advice:
• Select a pull-through parking where you can clearly see any obstacles when leaving.
• If you cannot find a pull-through parking, reverse park so that you still have the extra visibility this provides when you leave.
• Before moving out of the spot, look out for pedestrians who may not be paying attention and be ready to respond to an unexpected pedestrian at a second’s notice.
• Pay extra attention to children who are more difficult to see and not as car-savvy as adults.
• Do not neglect to stop at marked stop signs or fail to use your indicators so that motorists are aware of your intentions.
• Be cautious of other drivers who may be driving recklessly like speeding through empty spots, skipping stop signs or being impatient with other drivers.
• Be selective when choosing a spot. If neighbouring vehicles are parked on the line, choose a different spot.
• Ensure your mirrors are in the correct position to increase your range of vision when moving out of a space.
• If you live in an area that experiences strong wind, be cautious of doors swinging open with force or of trolleys rolling across the parking lot
• Avoid shopping during peak times (this has the added benefit of helping you to socially distance).

The long and the short is: pay attention when you get into your car and be mindful of all the potential dangers.

Source: MotorPress

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