GALLERY: Figures Alberton excels at model of the year competition

At the model of the year competition, Alberton Figures had one winner and eight runners-up.

Figures Model Finesse International held their annual National Student Model of the Year Competition at the Roodepoort Youth Theatre in December.

This sought-after competition highlights all of the finalists’ talents and skills they have accumulated over the last year in front of a panel of 20 judges.

However, due to lockdown regulations, the students enjoyed online lessons and competitions.

All 19 branches of the Figures franchises came together to compete against each other in their respective age categories, which are sub-divided into three divisions: commercial, fashion and skill. This year saw over 600 students participating in this annual event.

Figures Alberton had 50 finalists that participated and they are very proud of their achievements.
Alberton had many top scorers across all the divisions, including one winner as well as eight first runners-up and second runners-up.

Ambert Olivier was the winner in the girls two to six skill, while Emily Herbst was first runner-up. Dylan Snelling was first runner-up in boys’ 13 skill, while Tieghan Griffin Coetzer was second runner-up in teacher’s skill.

In the girls’ 16 and older fashion division, Paris Blume was the first runner-up and Elizabeth Coetzee first runner-up in couture fashion. Kaydee Nel and Matthew Barkowitz were second runners-up in the girls’ seven to nine and boys’ two to 12 commercial division, respectively.

The first runner-up in girls’ 16 and older fashion was Paris Blume. Photograph: Supplied.
Elizabeth Coetzee was first runner-up in runway couture. Photograph: Supplied.
Tieghan Griffin-Coetzer was second runner-up in teacher’s skill. Photograph: Supplied.
Dylan Snelling, first runner-up in skill boys’ 13 and older. Photograph: Supplied.
Matthew Barkowitz was second runner-up in boys’ two to 12 commercial fashion. Photograph: Supplied.

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