Who is Bloom?

Everything you need to know about Bloom Rewards.

With millions of people in South Africa, it’s safe to say we all have varying interests — but one thing everybody loves is a good discount! The problem with looking for good discounts is that it’s often quite challenging. The internet is a vast place and sometimes you don’t have a clue where to begin. Imagine a website that aggregates the best discounts across health, food, fashion, house and home, and more. That’s sure to make accessing great discounts much easier!

Bloom is a rewards program that allows you to join as a member for a monthly fee of just R45.

With Bloom Rewards, you can access over 300 of the best discounts across various categories, helping you save money monthly. These categories include fashion and style, house and home, food, health, travel, experiences, pamper packages, kids, shopping, cars, gifts, work, services, movies and theatre, and courses.

Unlike other rewards programs, you don’t need any points or credits to redeem offers on Bloom Rewards. Your R45 monthly membership is the only payable fee to access a broad range of incredible deals. Claiming your voucher is simple. All you have to do is click on a brand you’d like a voucher for. This will lead you to their microsite, where you can click on your desired offer and then on ‘Get Voucher’ to generate a voucher that can be printed. SMS vouchers can also be sent directly to your phone, but these are only available for some brands.

Vouchers can be used at stores by presenting the voucher itself along with an ID or driver’s license. Vouchers are reset weekly, meaning you can continue to redeem discounts from your favourite brands on a weekly basis.

Another added benefit of being a Bloom Go member is that you’re given access to daily quizzes, Sudoku, and crosswords. These brain games can help with improving your memory, increasing concentration, relieving stress, and improving overall brain health.

If you value great discounts, saving money, access to high-quality brands, and improving your brain function in the process, you should definitely consider signing up for Bloom Rewards to reap all these benefits and more!

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