Hair tips for moisturised hair

Moisturising your hair keeps it healthy and strong, preventing it from breakage.

Your hair is your crown. So much confidence sprouts out of you when you have just walked out of the salon with a freshly done hairstyle, hair colour or even a trim. We don’t often make the necessary time for hair care due to busy schedules, and this lack of proper care often results in damage. This can be avoided.

Check out these simple hair tips for healthy and strong hair:

Braid your hair

Getting your hair braided can take some time as this is a long and yet worthwhile process. When the air is cold and dry, the moisture in the hair also reduces significantly, starving the roots of your hair and later resulting in a dry scalp. Braiding your hair helps you to lock in moisture for longer, keeping your hair healthy and strong even throughout the brutally cold weather. Braids can last for as long as 3 weeks, depending on how you are taking care of them.

Moisturise your scalp with essential oils

A healthy scalp makes way for healthy and strong growth of hair and a dry scalp does the complete opposite. Be intentional about your scalp moisturising. After a good wash and deep conditioning, divide your hair into small sections and rub some essential oils on your scalp using your finger.

Some coconut or olive oil will help to keep your scalp moisturised for longer, eliminating the chances of a dry scalp, which can potentially lead to hair breakage.

Wear berets and beanies with silk lining

Berets and beanies are great accessories for cold winter days. But the material that you choose to wear on your head can damage your hair. Wool absorbs moisture from hair, leaving your hair fragile and prone to breakage. So the next time you go shopping, be sure to grab berets or beanies with a silk lining to protect your hair from losing too much moisture.

Use cool water to wash your hair

This may be daunting, especially on cold days. While it’s easier to just rinse your hair with warm water, it is better to rather be cautious and wash your hair with cool water. The moisture in your hair is very sensitive and leaves quickly when exposed to hot instead of cool water. Cool water helps to lock in moisture, ensuring that your hair remains moisturised, healthy and strong.

Your hair reflects the care that you put into it. For a head of healthy and strong hair, incorporate the above tips into your hair care routine. Happy hair days!  

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