Winter safety at home

Keep safe this winter.

Now is the time to unpack all your winter clothes and winter appliances as we all can feel the air getting colder and colder.

Winter is here and because we care about your safety, here are some tips to avoid horror stories with your winter appliances.

• Gas heaters

Gas heaters are becoming more and more common especially since winter is usually synonymous with high electricity bills. Make sure your gas heater is a certified brand. Uncertified brands are dangerous and potentially hazardous to your health. Make sure you use gas heaters only in well-ventilated rooms, or that there is a door or window open to allow fresh air in. For more safety tips on gas heaters, visit this website.

• Electric heaters

Electric heaters can be lifesavers, especially on cold winter mornings and evenings. However, it is crucial to use certified brands of electric heaters. It’s important to note that even certified brands can be hazardous if not used correctly. For example, you should not use electric heaters to dry clothes or keep your electric heater on all night. This can lead to accidental fires.

• Electric blankets

Electric blankets are heaven-sent if you love getting into a toasty bed instead of dealing with chilly sheets.

However, you shouldn’t sleep with your electric blanket on all night. Your body can get overheated, which can leave you dehydrated and with muscle pains. We all know how annoying it is to wake up in the middle of the winter night for a kitchen run because we’re thirsty. Other precautions for using electric blankets are listed on this website.

• Underfloor heating

This is a little miracle we hardly talk about because not everyone has it and it is costly, especially if over-used. Most safety precautions for underfloor heating are typically included in the installation process but some tips to keep your electricity bill down would be to have it on for a limited time only and switching it off when you go to bed.

Also, make sure your installation is done by an accredited company.

• Hot water bottles

If you haven’t bought yours from an accredited supplier and it’s not a certified brand, best you stop using it ASAP. To avoid burning yourself and the bottle leaking buy only a certified brand from a trusted shopping outlet. You still need to make sure your hot-water bottle can be closed tightly but if it can’t, stop using it and invest in a new one.

• Humidifiers

While not a heating device, humidifiers are great if you have sinus problems that get worse in winter. Heating devices dry out the air in your living space; humidifiers help restore balance by introducing humidity. Besides the general safety precaution of not leaving the appliance unattended and risking a fire hazard, humidifiers are generally safe. Specific brands can help combat flu and colds, while some brands are even safe to use in babies’ nurseries.

Visit this website for more information on this.

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