Ten super helpful hacks for seniors

Useful tips to make every day easier for you.

  1. Put raised stickers or a dot of nail varnish on your keys so you remember which ones work where.
  2. Your rugs must be secured to the floor so you don’t trip over them. Tape down loose extension cords and wires too.
  3. Wear a pair of rubber gloves if you’re struggling to open jars and tubs.
  4. Use your phone’s alarm clock to set reminders when you need to take medication.
  5. Increase the text size on your phone.
  6. Soap is notoriously slippery; put a plastic bath mat down to stop you from slipping in the shower or bath.
  7. Put your belt in your trousers before you get dressed; it’s so much easier.
  8. Attach a key ring to your suitcase’s zip to make it easier to grip. You can also tie a ribbon on your suitcase so you can easily identify it.
  9. Always travel with a small handheld torch – if there’s a power cut where you’re staying, you don’t want to be fumbling around in the dark.
  10. Counters, coffee tables and bedside tables with sharp corners are hazards waiting to happen. Put stick-on corner guards to prevent hurting yourself.

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