How to look stylish when you go out

It’s been said that a well-dressed woman should have good bags, belts and shoes, but few other tricks can also guarantee a polished look.

Don’t rush

Take time to choose your clothes and accessories if you’re building your wardrobe. You don’t have to buy the first thing you see, rip the tags off and wear it right away.  

Do the ironing

Make sure your clothes are steamed or pressed; this adds instant polish to even your most worn-in clothes. Always travel with a mini steamer.  

Add gold accessories and sunglasses

Gilded touches, whether a bag or jewellery, add a pop of glamour to any outfit. Big sunglasses add glamour every time.  

Dress in tonal colours

A monochrome outfit, like black and white, always looks intentional and put together; just make sure your whites are bright and your blacks match.  

Add a belt and tuck in for polish

Tuck in your shirt or cinch your waist with a belt if you need a quick smarten up.  

Keep your handbags shiny and clean

Look after your handbags and pack them in dust bags when travelling.  

Invest in a great jacket

A tailored jacket is your best friend as it elevates everything from denim to dresses and takes you effortlessly from day to night.  

Dress up your denim

Add heels and keep your silhouettes and washes classic.  

Buy timeless coats

Forget the trends and focus on coats that are forever: a classic camel, a navy pea, black leather, belted trench and denim.  

Match your shoes and your bag

When in doubt, keep your accessories in the same colour palette; your look will come off as intentional, not haphazard.  

Avoid prints, except leopard

Prints are the easiest way to make an outfit look tired; stick to solids and add a dose of spots here and there.  

Make-up matters

Healthy blow-dried hair, red lips and flawless skin are the ultimate finishing touches.

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