DIY wall art

There are so many ways to adorn your walls – here’s why framed fabric is one of our favourites.

Are you struggling to decide on, or even afford, wall art? Textiles may the answer.

Just take a look at the sample books in a fabric shop and you’ll find a wealth of options to inspire you. Alternatively, rummage through off cuts and end-of-roll items or browse textile goods in shops – everything can be repurposed as art, from cloth napkins and kitchen towels to bandanas and scarves!

In general, textured fabrics look better behind glass, while subtle patterns and soft colours are effortlessly stylish.

Choose one item to frame or create a gallery wall with several fabrics in similar colours. You can also repeat one pattern over and over, in identical frames, for a simple, but striking look.

To create your art, make sure you have the following:

Fabric of choice, cut to size

Clothing iron

Double sided tape

Picture frame with mount board

Hanging equipment


  1. Gently iron your display fabric to remove any wrinkles.
  2. Place adhesive tape on the corners of the fabric so that it can stick to the back of the mount board. This step will provide extra support and stop your fabric from slipping behind the glass. Note: if your frame doesn’t have a mount, simply stick or glue the fabric to the backing board instead. 
  3. Reassemble the picture frame and hang it carefully, then step back to admire your super simple (and easily changeable) wall art!

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