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How to make a Memory Jar for a family keepsake

A Memory Jar is a popular and fun idea that celebrates the memories, funny events, and special moments you and your child share.

With lockdown in effect, going away for the July holidays may not be on the cards for you and your family. Ensuring that the kids stay entertained while indoors and social distancing can be challenging, but with a little creativity you can keep the kids occupied with this sentimental DIY Memory Jar.

A memory jar can be more fun than a journal or diary – especially when it comes to younger kids – and takes the idea of scrapbooking to a new level. Everyone in the family can contribute to it, offering their favourite item to be added to the jar.

What you need:

  • Clean glass jar with a locking lid
  • Label for the jar
  • Paper and pen to write memories on
  • Pretty tape to fix the label to the jar
  • A variety of items to fill the jar
  • Accessories to decorate the jar (glitter, twine, button, stickers, paint pens, etc.)

Step by step guide:

Simply fill the jar with items of sentimental value. These can include:

  • Big moments such as the first tooth lost
  • Something beautiful from nature (a pressed flower, leaf, feather, or pretty stone)
  • Things that make your child laugh
  • Compliments your child has received
  • Photos or other keepsakes
  • Kids’ artwork
  • Your child’s DIY projects


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