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Why snacking can be good for your child’s brain

Snacks give crucial nutrients that your child requires between meals during a critical period of growth and development.

Is your child a constant snacker? Recent research indicates that snacking between meals isn’t always a bad thing.

The 4 pros of snacking

According to research:

  1. Healthy snacks help children regulate their appetite and improve their nutrition.
  2. Snacks might keep kids from becoming irritable due to hunger.
  3. Snacks can help your child avoid overeating at meals.
  4. Snacks are also an opportunity for finicky eaters of all ages to add more nutrients to their diets.

What snacks are best for kids?

The ideal snacks for kids are those that are minimal in sugar, fat, and salt. Fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, and protein foods are all wonderful options. An occasional treat is acceptable but serve healthful snacks the majority of the time.

Remember portion control!

It’s not just about what you provide your child as a snack; it’s also about how much you serve and when you serve it. Maintain snack-sized servings and set aside regular snack periods. Kids who graze all day generally consume too many calories and have difficulty determining whether they are hungry or full.

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