City of Ekurhuleni to build four-room houses for sinkhole-affected families

The Katlehong families that lost their properties after they were damaged by sinkholes might lose rental income as the CoE notes it won’t rebuild their backrooms.

The City of Ekurhuleni has clarified it will not reinstate the original structures for sinkhole-damaged houses without approved building plans at Skhosana Section, Katlehong.

This follows concerns raised by affected residents who were displaced after their homes were damaged by sinkholes.

According to residents, houses were built by their elders and parents back in the 80s.

Two residents Skhumbuzo Ngobeni (48) and Mzyfani Ndaba (32), who spoke to Kathorus MAIL, accused the city of failing to communicate with the affected parties after the project’s initial time frame of six months passed.

Five families have since been temporarily relocated to nearby sections in Katlehong for safety while the CoE rehabilitate the land for reconstruction.

CoE spokesperson Zweli Dlamini said the city communicated with the residents before the demolishing process.
He said the city informed the residents that as per their standard procedure, the city only reinstates the original structure of the houses with approved building plans.

Two lanes have been closed for over a year due to the sinkhole rehabilitation process via Hospital Road at Skhosana Section, Katlehong.

In a case where there are no approved building plans, the city rebuilds a standard four-roomed house.
“All this is agreed upon with the affected residences through all the stages of the project. Any other structures without building plans are not rebuilt,” said Dlamini.

“When the rebuilding process is completed, the city hands over the house with approved building plans and the occupation certificate.”

He said that the project is ongoing. The sinkhole rehabilitation project has suffered numerous unexpected delays.
“Usually, the time frame changes as a result of the extent of the sinkhole underneath. In the case of the Skosana Section sinkhole, similar delays have been encountered.”

He shared that the project has a community liaison officer appointed who, from time to time, keeps the community and beneficiaries updated on the project.

The ward councillor is also kept updated.

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