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Best taxi driver in Tembisa

Best taxi driver in Tembisa

By Victor Mukwevho Ne-vumbani

The recently nominated Lethabong Taxi Driver of the Year, Mr Patrick Mamafha, said since he started working as a driver in 1973, he has won so many awards that he does not remember all of them.

The soft-spoken Tembisa-born taxi owner and driver said it all started when he joined Jet Freight Services in 1973 and spent 13 years working for them.

“I used to receive awards like driver of the month, driver of the year, best dressed driver and many others. When I joined the taxi industry, I just did what I have been used to doing for years, treating customers like kings,” he said.

Passengers from Tembisa to Edenvale voted Mr Mamafha as the best and also the most caring driver around. When asked about the secret behind his nomination, he said he always treat his passengers like his family.

“When you drive your own family, you cannot shout at them, even if they make mistakes and show signs of disrespect,” he said.

He pleaded with other drivers to treat their passengers with respect and to remember that a customer is always right.

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