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Veterans invited to 40-year commemoration

The commemoration event will be held next year but veterans are requested to send their details as soon as possible

THE national executive committee of the Savannah Veterans’ Association invites all members of the former South African Defence Force (permanent force, citizen force, commandos and national servicemen), who were involved in one or other capacity with Operation Savannah, to the 40-year commemoration of the operation in Pretoria from September 11 to 13, 2015.

The committee is also investigating the possibility of holding similar commemoration events pending locating sufficient volunteers in the areas to act as organisers.

Should you be interested in attending, or becoming involved with organising, you are requested to send your initials, surname, including the number of people attending with you, by email to opsavannah@gmail.com.

The aim is to establish a database of interested persons.

Brief history of Operation Savannah: Angola 1975-1976: During 1974/75 the Portuguese colonial government in Angola imploded and the former South African Defence Force (SADF) assumed the responsibility to protect the 1 450km border between South West Africa (Namibia), Angola and Zambia.

This collapse lead to a devastating civil war between the opposing factions in Angola.

The RSA, by virtue of its presence on the border, became involved and on September 3, 1975, the SADF received an official order to become involved. The operation later became known as Operation Savannah and was terminated on March 26, 1976.

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