Top global retirement destinations to consider

Retiring in comfort, peace and security must be highly considered. What retirement destinations are worth considering?

Retirement is undoubtedly an important time in one’s life. After decades of working hard, retirement is the time where you get to relax and reap all you’ve sowed throughout your life.

An important aspect to consider about retirement is where you will retire. The location will determine how much you’ll need to budget, the process of acquiring a visa and property ownership, lifestyle and leisure, as well as what you can expect from the culture you’ll be immersing yourself in.

International Living publishes the Retirement Index annually — an in depth survey that provides information on the best global retirement opportunities.

Number 10 on the top 10 best places to retire list is Vietnam. Vietnam is a rapidly developing Asian country with a fascinating history and a strong sense of tradition.The urbanisation and growing healthcare provisions make it a great place to consider for retirement. The country is also renowned for having delicious food and being safe to live in.

English is spoken by many Vietnamese people, and it is also a great place to travel. In Vietnam, one can live a luxurious life at a considerably cheaper price than in the West, with two people being able to live a comfortable life on about $1500 a month.


France was rated number 9, not only for its beautiful aesthetics, but for its tasty wine, great climate and healthcare. According to International Living, $2083 to $2483 is the monthly budget for a couple living in France, and this is inclusive of rent and healthcare.


France Spain and Malaysia are next on the list, followed by Latin American countries Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama.

About Ecuador, Wayne and Mary Bustle spoke about their retirement in the capital Quito, stating, “The people are very welcoming and friendly and they treat senior citizens as special people with lots of benefits. Half price on all airline tickets is but one example.”

Colombia, according to retiree William Edwards, has a decent cost of living. “You can go out and have a nice breakfast or lunch for $4, and you can have a nice dinner for $8.” Added to Colombia’s appeal is that the World Health Organisation has rated the healthcare system as number 22 globally.


Colombia Number one on the Retirement Index is Portugal. The lifestyle in Portugal is affordable and there are a range of exciting activities to partake in — from surfing, to hiking, to exploring the country’s history and culture through visiting ancient ruins or museums. The safety and affordable healthcare is one of many selling points of this beautiful retirement destination, as are the friendly and welcoming Portuguese people.


Portugal Housing, benefits and discounts, visas and residence, cost of living, assimilation and entertainment, healthcare, development, climate governance and opportunity are the 10 categories used to rank countries on the Retirement Index.

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