Shell makes customers’ lives easier with mobile payments

Shell says their customers can now use e-wallet and apps to pay for their petrol using Shell's QR code.

“The simple solution is technology-agnostic – so it doesn’t matter if you’re on an Android or IOS device.”

The intention is to use technology to make transactions faster, convenient, contactless and more secure.


“Mobile payment penetration in South Africa is currently at 8,6% and is expected to grow to more than 11% by 2024. With 81% smartphone penetration in the South African market, it makes sense that mobile payments via QR code are gaining greater attention and traction, and should be included in every retailer’s payment mix,” says Shell.

This is how to do it at Shell:

Once you have filled up with petrol, inform the frontline service champion that you wish to use the mobile payment option.
They will then present you with the payment terminal with the QR code on it.

Launch your favourite mobile payment application, select the payment card you want to use, and verify your identity for the payment app using your pin or fingerprint.

Hover or tap your mobile device over the payment terminal to scan the QR code and make your payment.

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