Make the most of coffee tables

You need to choose the coffee table that is right for your living room. This is how you can go about

A living room needs to be functional – whether you are relaxing with the family, entertaining guests or watching TV.

It also needs to be stylish and contribute to the personality and atmosphere of your home. The proper coffee table will add the finishing touch to the space, ensuring that it meets all your needs.


Your existing living room furniture and layout should be your guide, along with light and scale.

  • Outsized furniture in a small room will make the space feel cramped, whereas small pieces will seem out of proportion in a large room.
  • In a darker room, a glass coffee table or one in a light colour will lighten the mood.
  • Furniture height must be just right. For example, a coffee table should be no higher than 46cm and no lower than 40 cm.
  • Using materials in varying textures and shapes will breathe life into a room, adding depth, dimension and comfort. Woven materials, solid wood and sculptural designs are on trend.
  • To avoid an overcrowded feeling, keep the colour scheme in tune with the rest of the space for a neat and seamless look.


The key to making a small living room comfortable is flexibility, so good choices include:

  • Ottomans that double up as coffee tables.
  • Nest tables that can be stacked when not in use.
  • Lift-up designs that function as living room storage.

Large spaces lend themselves to outsize coffee tables but ensure you can walk comfortably between the table and couches or chairs.

  • Strong and durable solid wood creates a feeling of timeless permanence.
  • A plush ottoman will add warmth, softness and texture.

To maximize the feeling of space in a minimalist layout, a coffee table in a striking design will create a focal point.

Writer : Sarah-Jane Meyer

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