Half a dozen tips to your best selfie ever!

And we’ve just tested a new phone with an 8MP front camera with a flash – perfect for selfies!

  1. Lighting is key. Yes .. you’re looking perfect. You’ve checked … the background’s Insta-perfect, too, with no distractions. But bad lighting is going to ruin the shot. Move around until you see what works best, and remember natural light wins every time … and for goodness sake avoid fluorescent lighting at all costs.
  2. Look up. Tilt your head up slightly towards the camera, slightly raised your eyebrows and at the same time extend your head upwards (it’ll make your neck look longer and will help sharpen your jawline). Then push your shoulders down and back … and snap!
  3. Think of something (or someone) that makes you happy … a genuine smile shines.
  4. Shy? Pop on a pair of sunglasses. Hiding behind a pair of sunnies helps those who’re camera-shy. Plus … who doesn’t look cool in a pair of hot shades!
  5. Take more pics than you think you need. Snap away … then go through them and delete the not-so-perfect.
  6. Yes, try a filter. But don’t overdo it. Keep it real.

And we’ve just tested a new phone with an 8MP front camera with a flash – perfect for selfies!.

Boasting to be the ace for the young creative, and aimed directly at this youthful, infinitely cool market, TECNO has just launched the brand new SPARK 8C in South Africa  … and it certainly lives up to the boast. Designed with the younger user’s diverse needs in mind, the device comes with a set of features that include an engaging immersive visual experience, smooth performance and, more excitingly, bigger memory.

The SPARK 8C comes with Memory Fusion technology which extends the 4GB RAM to a massive 7GB RAM – with the additional 3GB Memory Fusion. What you’ll find is the device’s multi-tasking capacity allows for seamless switching between applications that are running concurrently in the background.

What’s more, the phone is backed with a large battery to support all-day usage … we managed a whopping 36 hours.

It’s a good looking, show-me-off phone … choose from turquoise cyan, magnet black, diamond grey and iris purple. A dazzling shell impresses, the large characters make for easy use. And for the young smartphone user, the creative or the student, recording video has become the modern-day equivalent to keeping a diary. This phone has an 8MP front camera with a flash (brilliant for those selfies!) and a 13 MP AI-Enhanced Dual Camera as well as a host of innovative features including AI Scene Recognition and HDR mode, enabling users to create memorable photography content with ease. And we found the photos are full of vivid details even when we zoomed in.

You’ll find the TECNO Spark 8C at selected stores including Markham, Total Sports, Sport Scene, Foschini, Edgars, Exact, Jet Cellular, for around R3 299. Pop over to for the stockist closest to you and for more info.

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