How to reboot yourself and get ready for a new year, new you

Leave all the bad habits in 2022 and create new, better ones for 2023.  

Always thinking that you would like to make a few changes and live a more holistic life? Want to be more present and feel less overwhelmed by the pressures of social media and life in general? Most of us are in the same boat, which is exactly why this is the perfect opportunity to take charge and start afresh. We’ve got five tips from Playgirl to help get you out of your rut and into a new groove: 

  1. Go Outside

Give Mother Nature the respect she deserves when the sun is shining, birds are chirping, and flowers are growing. Put your phone away and plan some enjoyable outdoor activities like gardening, enjoying an ice cream, strolling on the beach, or planning a romantic picnic in the park.  

  1. Digital Detox

Take a break from your phone and set technology aside for a minute. Remove anything that is cluttering up your life or causing you to overthink and overwork. Delete all apps, contacts and photos that don’t contribute to your positive outlook. Unfriend, unfollow, and unlike undesirable pages and people. Fill your social media feeds with uplifting individuals and brands that make you feel love and light! 

  1. Unsubscribe

If you haven’t read those daily, weekly, or monthly newsletters in the last six months, delete them. Simply put, these newsletters and communications only add clutter to your inbox. 

  1. Feel Good Fragrance

Your choice of fragrance can reveal a lot about who you are. You can leave diverse impressions and let people perceive you in different ways depending on the scent you are wearing. If you’re looking for something fresh for summer, we love the hints of sun-kissed lime and fresh litchi of  VIP New York Nights by Playgirl – it’s summer in a bottle 

  1. Reconnect

Sometimes our busy, on-the-go lifestyles get in the way of our friendships. Spending quality time with your friends can do wonders for your mental health, so make time to see your mates and catch up with them property – no phones allowed, just chat face-to-face.   

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