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27 Sep 2016
2:39 pm

Bonang likes ‘trashy’ guys – Ntsiki Mazwai

Citizen Reporter

Poet Ntsiki Mazwai has questioned the kind of men the TV and radio personality has dated.

Bonang Matheba.

Following the altercation between Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes and the DStv iRock Festival organisers on Saturday night, poet Ntsiki Mazwai has concluded that Bonang Matheba just likes “trashy” guys.

In a series of tweets, Mazwai questioned Bonang’s choices of men, asking how she could date a guy who was always involved in brawls.

Cabanga [imagine] being that girl who has to run around shouting ‘baby stop!’ Gaaaard how embarrassing. Violent men are so humiliating gosh,” she said.

She also suggested an application form Bonang’s boyfriends should fill in before she gets into a relationship with them.

“On Bonang’s application form her boyfriends have to tick next to the question: are you violent?”

Mazwai advised celebrities to not put their relationships in the public eye if they did not want them to be discussed.

The poet said women should be able to see when a man is using them for what he can get from them.

On Saturday night, AKA was involved in a brawl with the festival organisers after Nkosinathi ‘Black Coffee’ Maphumulo slapped the One Time hitmaker’s road manager, Tshiamo Letshwene.

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AKA and his crew reportedly arrived two hours late at the festival but went on stage to set up when Coffee was playing his set, actions that angered the DJ. He slapped Letswene, and AKA was not impressed.

Letshwene has reportedly opened an assault case against Coffee.

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Saturday’s drama was not AKA’s first and has promised more of that should people take photos of him without his permission.

Bonang has also dated DJ Euphonik, and their relationship ended on a sour note, with allegations of cheating and domestic violence made against the DJ. Bonang accused Euphonik of beating her, allegations he denies to this day.

The DJ has never shared his side of the story. The most he has said about his past relationship with the model is that he could get her back if he wanted and that he has dirt on her.