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11 Oct 2016
1:50 pm

How to make polygamous marriage work

Citizen Reporter

A 92-year-old man believes he just might have the solution to make polygamous marriage work.

President Jacob Zuma and his wife Tobeka Zuma at the gala concert of the Victory Day celebrations held at Red Square in Moscow. The annual Victory Day Celebrations marks the Soviet Union's victory over Nazi Germany during the Second World War. (Photo: GCIS)

We have read advice on how to make relationships work and keeping the sex life vibrant in monogamous marriages. However, no one has ever taken time to advise people on how to make a polygamous marriage work.

Having been married five times, Thozamile Pikoli believes he has the answer to keeping the peace in a polygamous marriage.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Pikoli says polygamous marriages do not work because the wives don’t care about each other, further advising men to marry from the same family, as sisters will definitely care about each other.

The 92-year-old father of 20 from Port Alfred has had five wives. He has more than 30 grandchildren and great grandchildren.

He told the publication he was married to two sisters at the same time. After they died, he married three other women and divorced two, and now he is left with one. One of his ex-wives was his current wife’s cousin.

Marrying from the same families seems to have worked for Pikoli, as his current wife reportedly told the tabloid she did not have a problem with her husband taking other wives. She further said she never fought with his other wives when they were still alive, and did not regret marrying the same man as her sister and cousin.