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15 Oct 2016
11:15 am

Shocker! AKA splits from manager, sets up own company

Citizen Reporter

Nobody saw this coming! AKA and his manager Benza of vth season have called it quits on their long term music management partnership with the rapper revealing this on his Twitter timeline.

AKA. Image via Twitter.

Since the release of his first album, Alter Ego, AKA has been under the management of Raphael Benza who owns record label, Vth Season.

Benza is widely credited as having revived the rapper career after he left the group Entity. Though their partnership has seemingly been a smooth one with AKA releasing two albums under Vth Season, raking in awards and getting major brand endorsements with Axe, Hunters Dry and MTN amongst others.

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Cracks began to show in their partnership however when during an interview about his career, AKA was asked about Bonang and their relationship in Benza’s presence. An annoyed AKA asked Benza why he was being questioned on his personal life and if he had briefed the interviewer properly.

In a terse tone, AKA then summoned his manager outside while abruptly leaving the interview.

On Twitter, AKA told his 1 million followers that AKA Vth Season was dead. He said he had been quietly building his own empire for months now, alluding to wanting to leave the record label for some time now.

In a tweet which has since been deleted, AKA added that ‘Nobody wants to deal with Raphael Benza …. This is not a secret.’