Monique Warner
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9 Apr 2018
11:23 am

5 ways to brighten a dark home without paint

Monique Warner

It’s amazing how a few simple changes can brighten up a dark home.

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Winter is on its way, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for dark days.

Here are some easy ways to maximise natural light and brighten up the interior of your home, without painting it.

Add curtain tiebacks

Opening the curtains lets the light in, but are they open wide enough?

Curtain tiebacks help ensure curtains are held open to the fullest extent, allowing the most light in.

Clean the windows

Okay, this is obvious, but worth mentioning because it makes a huge difference.

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Invest in mirrors

Mirrors help bounce light around a room and not only brighten up a space, they can make a room look bigger too.

For the best effect, invest in the biggest mirror you can afford and position it opposite or adjacent to a window or a glass door that leads outside.

Add some shimmer

Mirrored and metallic accessories also help reflect natural light.

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Pop a mirrored tray in the centre of a dining room table and another one on a coffee table, and add polished brass or silver ornaments to a mantle or bookcase.

Light linens

Change dark bed linen for bright white or a soft cream, and it will instantly brighten up a bedroom.

You could also add touches of white or cream to the living room with a few new scatter cushions.

Happy decorating!

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