Lauri-Leah Momberg
3 minute read
8 Oct 2019
3:39 pm

No! I don’t want to see your junk!

Lauri-Leah Momberg

Is there some blue-tick thrill they get knowing that their member has been ogled by a shell-shocked broad?

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It's Monday night. You've just finished preparing a moderately edible plant-based dish for #meatfreemonday. You feel as though you are on the summit of the self-righteous mountain and doing your bit for the environment. You hit the couch and grab your phone. Social media needs to know about your "heal the world" meal and you are going to deliver – but wait, what's this? Something has slid into your DMs. Slurping a buckwheat noodle, you tap the appropriate app icon and enter the mailbox domain. Maybe it's that power couple travelling the world who are currently in Thailand. They love...