Sonri Naidoo
3 minute read
17 Nov 2020
12:12 pm

Saviour ‘Amtrak Joe Biden’

Sonri Naidoo

Off The Rails: Agency looks to ne president for $2.8 billion to save jobs

‘AMTRAK JOE’. New US President Joe Biden exits an Amtrak train following a campaign event in Cleveland. Pictures: The New York Times

Joe Biden says he loves ice cream, aviators and Amtrak. But as incoming president, his love for the rail agency may be put to the test. Amtrak is facing a crisis. The coronavirus has led to scores of riders abandoning its trains, causing huge drops in revenue. The agency has cut back on service to America’s heartland. It has furloughed over 2 000 workers. If it does not get $2.8 billion (about R43.4 billion) in emergency funding by next month, another 2 400 employees could lose their jobs, Amtrak officials warn. High-profile projects across the country, including those in New...