Lerato Maimela
Digital Journalist
2 minute read
20 May 2021
10:52 am

Gigi Lamayne and her team survive hijacking

Lerato Maimela

'I ran for my life cause honestly I told the hijacker to kill me before trying to violate me' - Gigi Lamayne

Gigi Lamayne. Picture: Twitter

South African musician Gigi Lamayne announced on her social media page that she and her team had been hijacked on the night of 19 May.

The musician was able to update her social media as well as her fans on the hijacking soon after it happened, because she says she escaped the hijacking with her phone.

“I just got out and ran with my phone. I know it wasn’t the safest thing to do,”  the rapper said.

An hour later Gigi updated her fans that the car had been found. According to the rapper, the hijackers attempted to remove the tracker installed in the vehicle but it seems as though they were not fast enough as Gigi’s tracking company was able to locate the car and recover it.

In the video that Gigi posted as an update, she thanked her ancestors for always having her back and for returning the car to her.

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An hour later Gigi she posted a tweet telling her followers how the hijacker attempted to rape her and punish her for throwing her phone into the bush. She then says that hijacking the car would have been enough of an attack on her and there would have been no need to sexually assault her.

“Take the car broer. Just leave me intact,” Gigi said.

Gigi’s followers have been sending her and her team heartfelt messages since her initial hijacking tweet. Here is what they had to say: