Kabelo Chabalala
4 minute read
1 Jun 2021
5:16 pm

A ‘baecation’ to remember: making the most of Thabazimbi

Kabelo Chabalala

At the end of the beautiful weekend in Thabazimbi, we learned that nature has a way of nurturing our souls, that soul nurturing was needed

Thabazimbi. Picture: Kabelo Chabalala

"To walk into nature is to witness a thousand miracles,” said  Mary Davis. And walking and driving in nature is what we did in Thabazimbi to affirm what Davis said. When the bustle of the city started suffocating us, and an escape was needed, so we looked towards the north. It was on a Friday afternoon when we left for what is dubbed a “baecation” (time you spend with your significant other). By the time we left Bela Bela, it was around 4pm and the first Thabazimbi board signaled that it was 140km away. The onset of winter meant that...