Debra Kamin
3 minute read
4 Jul 2021
8:30 am

Alcohol-free travel: Going mainstream after being relegated to 12-steppers

Debra Kamin

In a June poll of more than 23 000 people by Branded Research, 29% of respondents said they planned to take an alcohol free trip after the pandemic

Variety of cocktails. Pictures: iStock

One year into the coronavirus pandemic, after months of gaining weight and feeling groggy, Mayra Ramirez stopped drinking. And this summer, she’ll mark a new milestone for her sobriety: a completely alcohol-free travel vacation. Ramirez, 32, spent the first 12 months of the pandemic working remotely from a tiny Brooklyn apartment, drinking every weekend and many weekday evenings as well. In March, like many others during this hard year, she realised her drinking was spiraling beyond the merely social kind. She’s now been sober for three months. So when she began scouting locations for a break with a few non...