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7 Apr 2022
4:06 pm

Daily hacks: How to prepare for a pothole conundrum this Easter Holiday

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A car about to approach a pothole. Picture: iStock

If you are planning on travelling for the upcoming Easter Holiday’s then there is a strong chance that you may come across a few potholes on your journey to your holiday destination.

Being vigilant can save you from dipping into potholes and ruining your car tyres, but sometimes it may be too difficult or too late to avoid potholes which cannot be seen ahead of time.

A deep pothole. Picture: iStock

Here are some tips to consider before heading onto your holiday trip to minimize having your vehicle being affected by potholes on the road:

The most important tip would be to ensure that you are prepared for the worst case scenario.

Make sure that your are always travelling with a spare tyre, and that it is properly inflated and in a good condition.

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Sadly, it is possible to damage two tyres going through potholes, and because your car can probably only hold one spare tyre, it would be a good idea to always travel with a tyre sealant or a tyre repair kit.

repair kit
Tyre repair kit. Picture: iStock

Research all the tools in your tyre kit to ensure that you are well informed on how to use them should you be met with an incident where you would have to repair your tyre on your trip.

It is also wise to watch out for signs of sand and grit when driving on the road, as this can be an indication of the presence of potholes.

If you are aware that potholes may be present, then it may be easier to avoid them and find them ahead of time.

Another thing to consider when travelling would be to research the roads and routes which you will be driving on to get to your destination.

This will make sure that you are well aware of any possible pothole situations to prepare and avoid the situation altogether.