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14 Jun 2022
5:06 pm

Daily hacks: Quirky hacks that can make your life a little, or a whole lot better

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In our 'daily hacks' series, we bring you the latest beauty and home tips, trends and tricks to transform your life and save you money.

Old socks with holes on them by the toes. Picture: iStock

You probably spend a few moments of every day looking for easier and quicker ways to do the tasks you find to be tiresome and dreadful through hacks and “how to” videos.

Although the internet has hundreds and thousands of advanced daily life hacks, its the small, simple, and silly life hacks that make you chuckle and help to get you through the day and make your life a easier.

Here are some simple, light and quirky life hacks from Seattle Times and Buzzfeed that can make your life a little, or a whole a lot better:

  1. We do not condone lying, be it omittance or any small white lies. but what we can tell you is that anything you say before the word “but” does not count.
  2. Buy yourself a tourist guide book for your city or town. You will find that there is a lot that you did not know about your own hometown, and you can take some time off playing tourist in your own city.
  3. Always remember that job interviews are not about you. Usually, they are about the employers needs and how you can fill them.
  4. Marriage is a decades long conversation, make sure that you marry someone who you would like to talk to for the rest of your life.
  5. It is way easier and quicker to cut a cake with dental floss, especially if you are at a birthday party with many kids nagging you about their promised slice.
  6. If you think you saw a mouse, lizard, or spider, you did, and if there is one, there are others.
  7. Instead of cleaning your dishes, just print them away. Print out a picture of a clean kitchen sink and place it on top of your dirty dishes. out of sight, out of mind
  8. If you have toe holes on your socks, simply paint your toenails the colour of your socks to give off the illusion that you are wearing perfect socks.
  9. If you are at work and you start to get hungry, but do not have the time to get up and arm up your sandwich, simply place it between laptop chargers.
  10. If you are craving snacks but do not want to wash or waste any dishes, then turn your hoodie or jacket around and place your snacks inside the hood of your jacket.

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