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8 Jun 2019
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Top family destinations in and around Johannesburg

Karabo Mokoena

Who doesn't love a family-friendly spot, where parents can relax and children can run free?

Kloofendal Nature Reserve

The Kloofendal Nature Reserve is found is Roodepoort and is a 128-hectare reserve which has become a home away from home. It offers a serene escape from the buzz of Joburg. The reserve is home to some small mammals like the black-backed jackal and has a beautiful short hiking trail. It is a safe spot to have a quick hike with the family, and a quiet picnic afterward. I love hiking and did a lot of it on my own before, and during my pregnancy. It is now so much fun holding my toddler in our favorite Noo Noo Pie wrap and tackling the trail. Parents have an option to choose a 2 km, and a 4.5 km trail. So this is perfect for hiking beginners, and avid hikers.

Riversands Farm Village with Sunday market

We have just recently discovered this place. It is situated in Midrand and is the perfect place to visit for families. The farm has a playground for kids, and a lovely sitting area for adults to supervise. Entry into the playground is R50, and the little one gets a pack with animal food to feed the rabbits and the chickens. We also spotted some goats there, and my daughter had a blast interacting with the animals. The playground has a sandpit, a water area, bikes, and numerous swings and is enclosed, so we did not have to worry about the kid’s security. The place is big enough for families to find their own quiet spots. They sell very affordable food and beverages. The farm has a small bridge that leads you to an old forest that has been turned into an obstacle course on trees. They call this a Tree Top Adventure. They also offer zip lining which makes this quite an adventurous venue to visit with the whole family.

Fourways Farmers Market

This choice of venue is mostly for me. This place offered good food, good drinks, good music and good company all in one go. It is a perfect place to go to on a Sunday morning and just let your hair down and watch the little rascal run around in the garden patting people’s dogs and playing with other kids. It is located in the Fourways Farmstead and has numerous vendors selling food, art pieces, clothing, and other fun products. They now operate every Sunday from 9 am to 4 pm. My recommendation would be to go as early as possible as it is most serene at that time, and can get quite packed in the afternoon.

Baby College SA

My little one is only going to school in 2020, so we have to find creative ways to get her brain stimulated, and get her to play with other kids. Baby College SA is the perfect place to achieve this. They offer developmental classes from kids as early as birth until they are three years old. The classes are formulated for both the child and the parent and makes development a collaborative effort. It makes me feel like I am a kid again and I am able to relate to my daughter on her level. The classes are perfect for both moms and dads. They teach motor, emotional and social skills amongst many other classes. The classes are not just for moms and babies. I have seen fathers attending the classes and this is a beautiful way of fostering beautiful and playful relationships between fathers and their children. One dad called it a bonding session with their son. The class is an hour and parents can attend on weekdays, including Saturdays for working parents such as myself. We love the class because we can be playful together.

Munch Cafe Bryanston

I cannot explain how important an escape is for parents. Sometimes, it is impossible for us to escape without our children. So when we have to escape and tag them along, one has to find a place where the kids can have the freedom to play, and I have the freedom to be myself. Munch Cafe offered us this freedom when we went for a visit. It is based inside the Garden Shop in Bryanston. Its an outdoor cafe surrounded by beautiful plants. Kids can freely run around, within caution. The toddler play area has our favorite; a sandpit and Tshimo can play in that thing the whole day with no cares about anything else. They have a lovely healthy food menu, and their venue can also be used for kid’s parties.

Golden Harvest Park

2 minutes from my house is a beautiful park that has become our favorite spot for photo shoots. We come here when we just need a walk and some fresh air. It is a public park, so entry is free. It is very spacious and has multiple swing areas and Tshimo loves running around here.


Did someone say a birthday party? In my household, it is a tradition for everyone to hear the Spur birthday song on their birthday. What is a birthday without it? Besides that, the supervised play area at spur is enjoyable (I have tried it myself) and the parents can indulge in their favorite Spur meal without worrying too much about the safety of their little ones. The play areas are equipped with security cameras and parents can constantly monitor what their little ones are up to at all time.

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