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22 Nov 2019
12:00 pm

Thembisa Mdoda joins World Prematurity Day initiative

Parenty Staff Writer

Thembisa Mdoda does her bit for World Prematurity Day.

South African TV personality, Thembisa Mdoda, mother of twins did her bit for World Premie Day with the Newborns Trust Foundation, Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) and government hospitals across the country where she joined Pick n Pay and Pampers in donating 1 million nappies to the NICUs in South Africa which are under equipped to provide additional care for premature babies.

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Thembisa Mdoda with preemie moms and nursing staff.

Mdoda, whose twin boys were born premature and celebrated their 7th birthday this year, raised awareness for premature babies, who have low birth-weights, and are often prone to a complicated start to their little lives. Hospitals and NICUs across the country are underequipped to provide additional care for preemie babies.

World Prematurity Day forms part of the global effort to raise awareness of the scale and impact of premature births, highlighting proven and cost-effective measures that can help prevent them.

Jeanne du Plessis, Corporate Affairs and Citizen Leader at Procter and Gamble Southern Africa (Pampers) says, “Despite their best efforts, we know it’s not always easy for hospitals and parents to provide the care premature babies need. Resources are limited and awareness around prematurity is low. This is our chance to assists hospitals in providing these newborns with a nappy that fits them comfortably, allowing them to rest and develop as all babies are meant to.”

Pampers is calling on the public to join in supporting these preemies in need. When purchasing your regular Pampers nappies at any Pick n Pay for the entire month of November, Pampers will be donating 5 Preemie nappies for every pack


Thembisa Mdoda with preemie moms and nursing staff.

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(Compiled by Jacqui Bester)

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