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13 Dec 2019
9:00 am

Christmas shopping tricks for parents

Karabo Mokoena

Christmas shopping doesn't always have to be an experience to recover from.

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Christmas is almost upon us and some parents are still trying to figure out what to get for the family. The process can be very exhausting, but it does not always have to be. Here is a quick guide on shopping easier this Christmas.

Set a budget

We only hope that the family has saved up enough for the festive season. Spending money during this season is effortless. If you haven’t saved up the whole year, then make sure to divide a December budget for the whole family. Allocate one and stick to it. Your January will go so much smoother.

Pick and compare

Stores can be very competitive during Christmas, so choose the best prices by doing some online research beforehand. Think about what you would like to buy and check different stores for competitive prices. Who knows, you might get gifts at a bargain.

Get a wish list from your kids

Sometimes we think we know what our kids want until we stand in the middle of the store confused and irritated. Stores have a million options of toys to choose from. So, instead of standing randomly in the store way, get in and get out. Malls and shopping centres are busy during this time, so why add to this chaos if you can go prepared? You don’t have to buy everything on their wish list. Getting one gift they wanted is better than getting something they didn’t.

If you can, buy it online

Make sure you do this way in advance so that it arrives on time. A Christmas gift after Christmas doesn’t quite have the same effect. Online shopping can be very efficient if you are using the right portals. Avoid those long Christmas queues and simply click and check out.

Avoid taking the kids if you can

It sounds like a fun idea to wear matching outfits and go shopping, but it’s not. If you want to avoid demands and temper tantrums, then leave them at home. Just get that wish list from them, and head on out. Leave day, the nanny, or the older siblings with them.

Whatever you do, don’t take them with. Or else, you will come home with an empty bank account and a headache.

You’re welcome.

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