Karabo Mokoena
Content producer
1 minute read
19 Dec 2019
9:00 am

Gail Mabalane gets us into full holiday mode

Karabo Mokoena

Matching swimsuits and sunglasses get us into holiday mode

We are not sure if you are still working or not, but after seeing this picture, we are pretty sure you would like to knock off. Actress Gail Mabalane shared the cutest boomerang and pictures of herself and mini Gail, Zoe Mabalane in matching swimsuits. Not only are they in matching swimsuits, but they are also in full holiday mode, sunglasses and all.

Gail captioned the picture “QT with mini-me”. It is well-deserved quality time with her daughter as we near the end of what was 2019.

This is also an important lesson for parents. Even in the hustle and bustle of life, we should always make time to spend with our little humans.

Zoe is seen having the time of her life with her gorgeous mama.

If you have not yet had a chance, grab your matching swimsuits, grab some cocktails and have some fun under the sun with the kids.

Doctor’s orders.

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