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6 Feb 2020
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Oprah Winfrey also needs parenting advice

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With all that she does, and does exceptionally well, it’s easy to forget that ‘mogul of everything’ Oprah Winfrey is also just a mother in her own right who appreciates parenting advice now and then.

US presenter Oprah Winfrey was among the top stars at the royal wedding. POOL/AFP/Ian West

In a sit down with renowned Clinical psychologist and proponent of conscious parenting  Dr Shefali Tsabary Oprah Winfrey had an aha moment of her own when she realised that she, like many parents, needed to guard against forcing her own expectations on her children and living vicariously through them.

“Culture tells me go ahead one person you can put your expectations on is your child. In fact you’re expected to have expectations. Right? So now if my child is not going to fulfill my expectations I am going to panic,” explains Dr Tsabary.

Winfrey became emotional as she admitted that she was indeed guilty of doing this herself, therefore not letting one of the girls attending her school choose her own path. Winfrey cried as she admitted, “It makes me want to cry because I did that. But you helped me to see that that’s what I was doing.”

“I had one of my girls in a school and she was having difficulties and she really didn’t like the school. I realised that I had talked her into going to the school. I eventually admitted to my daughter that when I was her age wanted to go to that school and couldn’t and so I put my dreams and hopes on you and that was wrong”.

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Children are the most vulnerable beings, which is why it is so crucial for EVERY person out there to understand this message, regardless if you are a parent or not. There is a message you can relate to your own life. When we look at our child, we do not see a separate being; we see an opportunity. An opportunity for us, as adults, to turn back the clocks of time and do what we DIDN'T do, achieve what we DIDN'T achieve, and most importantly, BE who we wanted to be. How dare we do this to our children? We are the vessel that carries our child; our child is not the vessel to carry OUR hopes and dreams. This moment will forever remain close to my heart. Thank you, @oprah , for speaking your truth, for being selfless, for being unafraid to acknwlodge the mess-ups and take something much more powerful from it. This is how we change the world. #SuperSoulSunday #Oprah #ConsciousParenting

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