Parenty staff
1 minute read
7 Feb 2020
11:30 am

Khabonina Qubeka’s family snaps are too cute!

Parenty staff

This celeb mom's and daughter's matching swimming costume is adorable!

We’re definitely here for this cute Instavideo that celeb mom and fitness coach Khabonina Qubeka shared of herself, her kickboxer hubby Vuyisile Colossa and their toddler daughter Lwandle coming out of the ocean. Even cuter is how mommy and daughter are in matching swimwear, Lwandle’s adorable waddle in front of her parents and last but certainly not least Khabonina’s brilliant caption, which is a play on her daughter’s name that means “ocean” in Zulu.

Qubeka posted a series of pictures and videos on Instagram showcasing the family’s vacation pics.

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