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11 Feb 2020
11:00 am

Five beautiful Nelson Mandela quotes about children

Parenty staff

It’s been thirty years since Nelson Mandela’s release from prison, we look back at his quotes about his favourite people- children

A file picture dated 13 February 1990 of Former South African President Nelson Mandela, right, giving the clenched fist salute as he stands with his wife Winnie Mandela during his 'Welcome Home Rally' in Soweto, South Africa. Picture: EPA / STR

On the 30th anniversary of the world icon and first black president of a democratic South Africa’s release from 27 years imprisonment here’s a look at some of Nelson Mandela’s best quotes about children- whom we know he had a soft spot for.

“The true character of society is revealed in how it treats its children.” (27 September 1997)

“Few things make the life of a parent more rewarding and sweet as successful children.”
(3 March 1981)

“Our children are our future and one of the basic responsibilities is to care for them in the best and most compassionate manner possible.” (7 November 2003)

“One of the ways we can build a better future for our children is by empowering them through allowing them to speak up for themselves. Of course, we as adults have to guide them and to take the ultimate responsibility but that is something quite different from patronising them. The rights of children must, importantly, include the right to be themselves and to talk for themselves.” (November 2003)

“Our children are our greatest treasure. They are our future. Those who abuse them tear at the fabric of our society and weaken our nation.” (22 November 1997)


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