Parenty staff
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15 May 2020
2:00 pm

Heartbreaking picture of children playing might be what the future of schooling looks like

Parenty staff

Life in a new normal.

Schools are also innovating new ways to open up schools while maintaining COVID-19 precautions.

French journalist, Lionel Top’s  images of what school reopening looks like at a French preschool has captured our new reality so succinctly and gone viral.

Journalist Lionel Top tweeted photos of classes in Tourcoing, France.

The pictures show children separated, playing alone in chalk squares. Top told Today Parents how “There was this sadness. But he says that was mostly on the part of the adults. The children were happy. They laughed and played together but from far away. The pupils did not see it as a punishment.”

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Here is a look at what this new normal of school in the coronavirus pandemic looks like in other countries:

In China

In France

In West Vancouver

In Denmark

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