Parenty Staff Writer
1 minute read
18 May 2020
2:00 pm

Mom volunteers to breastfeed newborns who lost their mothers in an Afghan hospital attack

Parenty Staff Writer

Newborn children were left without their mothers, and a thoughtful woman volunteered to breastfeed the children that needed breastmilk the most

Firooza Omar

In a recent Afghan attack, 24 people were killed in the maternity section of the Dasht-e-Barchi hospital in the Afghan capital Kabul. This included newborn children, mothers, and healthcare professionals.

This attack left some newborns without their mothers, which subsequently deprived them of any breastfeeding. This caught the attention of a 27-year-old Psychiatrist Firooza Omar who saw the incident from her home.

She then decided to leave her 4-month-old baby at home with her husband and went to the hospital to breastfeed the babies that had lost their mothers. The hospital is only 2km away from her home, but the route is left in carnage and fear.

BBC News reported that the nurses tried feeding the babies formula milk, but some refused. So when she volunteered, they asked her to feed the crying babies. On the first night, she fed four babies and continued to do so in days to follow. “It had a calming effect on me. I was happy I could help them” Firooza said. She also urged other breastfeeding mothers to do the same to help the babies and nurses.

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