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Ziphezinhle Msimango
3 minute read
30 Jun 2020
1:00 pm

My friend just told me she’s pregnant: This is what I said to her

Ziphezinhle Msimango

Here are five 5 things I advised her to do.

So my best friend, who has been eager to fall pregnant for a while now, just shared the exciting news of her pregnancy with me and I was over the moon. I was excited for her, particularly because she’s a first-time mom, and being pregnant for the first time sort of feels like magic the first time around. 

I was also excited for us as friends because we get to virtually celebrate some good news in a pandemic – Lord knows just how much we need good news. Ever the one to offer advice, I immediately launched into advising her.

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Here are the five things I said to her that I wish someone had shared with me as a first-time mom:

Sift ALL advice you receive

Yes, I told her I’m about to advise you but don’t take everything I say to you as the gospel truth – Just take what you need and what makes sense to you. There’s a tale that says that people advise other people from where they themselves are – not from facts. So just like giving someone directions to Durban – we as humans tend to direct from our location.

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Pregnancy is a marathon – not a sprint, but in hindsight, it feels like one

When you’re pregnant and waiting for your bundle of joy, it just feels like the nine months wait for them is so long. But once they’re out and you’re celebrating their first birthday you look at them and think where did the time go. So cherish every second.

You’re in a new body – just go with it

Producing a whole human being is a huge project that your body goes through for nine months and while it does, you will experience all sorts of changes – just let it be. You may gain weight, have water retention but remember that you’re still essentially a wonderful walking miracle, so embrace the changes. Your body will snap back – eventually.

Buy ALL the cute baby items you feel like buying

People will try and advise you to be practical and get only what you need. But as a first-time mom, you come across all sorts of cute baby items that you just can’t resist- even if they’re not practical. Buy them – it’s your money, your baby, your pregnancy, and most importantly your excitement to express!

You’re pregnant in a pandemic – write a book about it

Women giving birth in the time of Covid-19 are living through a once in a lifetime event in world history while also navigating a new experience of being pregnant in a pandemic. The virus has changed a lot of what we have all experienced when it comes to prenatal care. Make the experience count by writing about it. It’s sure to be an incredible story.

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