Renate Engelbrecht
Content producer
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3 Jan 2022
10:23 am

‘Honestly I was a little terrified’ – Jay Anstey on being a new mom

Renate Engelbrecht

Legacy actress, Jay Anstey, has been a mom for nearly a month and says taking her daughter, Ayla, out into the big wide world for the first time terrified her as a new mom.

Jay Anstey and her daughter, Ayla. Image: Instagram

Legacy’s Jay Anstey, who plays Alexandra ‘Lexi’ Price in the telenovela, gave birth to her and Sean-Marco Vorster’s daughter on 6 December 2021 and when she was a mere nine days old, they gathered the courage to take her out into the big wide world. “Honestly I was a little terrified,” wrote the actress in an Instagram post.

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But, in the end, it seems to have been a very successful outing and Anstey says she “felt like somewhat of a person again.”

The actress, who plays one of the three Price sisters who all fell pregnant last year, says that being a new mom is tough and that she has a great amount of respect for women and mothers for sticking it out through sleepless nights, endless opinions on how to raise your children, criticism, spit up, doubts and more. “It’s such a journey.”

Christmas was also a special time as it has always been a dream of Anstey’s to spend her favourite holiday with her own little family. Little Ayla and her proud parents posed for a soon-to-become-tradition Christmas selfie, celebrating her very first Christmas.

It takes some time getting used to when it comes to the life changes once your first born enters the world and so does going out with a baby. “Very slowly getting the hang of this ‘going out with baby’ thing,” wrote Anstey. “It requires courage, a lot of prep and the right year.”

Anstey says these products make being a new mom easier for her:

  • Ubuntubaba’s carrier. “Honestly a mom’s third hand.”
  • A Doona pram, which is a fully integrated travel system that transforms from a car seat to a stroller in seconds.
  • And, of course a cute little outfit for that traditional Christmas family selfie, marking your baby’s very first Festive Season. They got Ayla’s from Personalised Goodies.

In the end, the best way to go about being a new mom is probably to wing it. Still, it’s always good to have the right gear, as Anstey rightly says, as it might just make winging it while being sleep deprived a little easier.