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14 Jun 2022
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Fathers Day gift ideas for every type of dad

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From the music lover to the fashionista or even the kind of dad that's big on grooming, we've got a few Fathers Day gift ideas he'll love.

Nike Sneakers | Picture: Instagram @shesha_fashion

Men often complain bout getting the worst gifts, whether it’s on their birthdays or holidays like Fathers Day and Christmas.

But Fathers Day gift ideas and gift ideas for other days need not be limited to things like socks, ties, pyjamas and toiletries.

Check out our guide full of Father’s Day gift ideas to help you toss out the old idea that men are hard to shop for. 

For the music-loving dad

Music is a universal language and not only does it say the things you sometimes feel as though you can’t, it also has the power to make you feel better.

Sony Linkbuds
Sony Linkbuds | Picture: Supplied

If the dad in your life is a music-lover, he might appreciate a pair of bluetooth earbuds, retailing at a recommended selling price of R3 999.00.

Earbuds like the Sony Linkbuds are comfortable earbuds that will help block out unwanted distractions and keep dad connected and in control of his favourite music all day long. The earbuds also promise high call and sound quality.

For the outdoorsy dad who is also a techie

If the earbuds are a little out of your price range, you can get your dad the Sony XB23 Extra Bass™ Portable Wireless Speaker (R2 399.00). 

Whether camping with friends or relaxing in the park, this compact and lightweight speaker will easily fit into dad’s bag while providing powerful sound. 

According to Sony, the speaker has an IP67 rating, “which means dad can take it to the beach and not worry about dust or even salt water getting in the way of his favourite tunes.”

Sony XB23 Extra Bass™ Portable Wireless Speaker
Sony XB23 Extra Bass™ Portable Wireless Speaker | Picture: Supplied

Fragrances also make for great Fathers Day gift ideas

The Rockford Wild White Eau de Toilette 100ml (R395.00) embraces the strength, energy, force and pulsating elements of free nature, and is perfect for the no-nonsense, straightforward type of dad who wants to smell great without having to do too much to achieve this.

“An explosion of energy, this fragrance comprises the freshness of bergamot, the harmony of a mint cocktail, aromatic notes of lavender, eucalyptus and pine and the richness of cedarwood and tree moss.”

The Rockford Wild White Eau de Toilette 100ml
The Rockford Wild White Eau de Toilette 100ml | Picture: Supplied

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For the dad who is more in tune with grooming trends, you might want to get him the Mercedes Benz Man Bright Eau de Parfum 100ml (R1695.95). The fragrance is a woody aromatic scent that’s futuristic and modern.

“For the confident, modern and no-fuss man, this fragrance is zesty and energising thanks to opening notes of bergamot, pink pepper SFE and mint essence. Lavandin, jasmine, incense SFE lends to its modernity and cedarwood Virginia essence, white musk, and tonka bean give it a sensual edge.”

Mercedes Benz Man Bright Eau de Parfum
Mercedes Benz Man Bright Eau de Parfum 100ml | Picture: Supplied

Speaking of grooming, beards are all the rage right now and if the dad in your life has one, you may want to gift him the Clubman 3 Piece Beard Kit (R399.95) which features three of the brand’s best-selling men’s grooming products: 2-in-1 Beard Conditioner which combines facial moisturizer and beard conditioner in one product, Beard Balm, which helps you manage your beard without stiff paste or heavy wax and Beard Oil, which soothes dry skin and provides light shine and moisture.

In keeping with the grooming trend, The Manscaped Performance Package 4.0 (R 2,000) is considered “the ultimate luxury grooming kit” and features two of the brand’s best-selling tools, unique formulations and free gifts. 

3 in 1 Beard trio kit
3 in 1 Beard trio kit | Picture: Supplied

Included in the package is the Lawn Mower™ 4.0 Groin and Body Trimmer, the Weed Whacker™ Electric Nose Hair Trimmer, the Crop Preserver™ Ball Deodorant, the Crop Reviver™ Ball Toning Spray, the Magic Mat Disposable Shaving Mats, the Shed Travel Bag, and some branded Boxers. 

If the Platinum Package is a bit out of your price range, the Weed Whacker is available as a standalone gift.

Another great father’s day gift idea is a great pair of sneakers to complete any outfit dad may want to wear. 

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