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28 Jun 2021
5:21 pm

Carol Ofori shares her hair tips for growing strong natural hair

Kaunda Selisho

From sleeping with your Afro to combing it in one go, here are some natural hair faux pas to avoid.

After five years of caring for her natural hair, Carol Ofori is ready to share what she has learned with other women. Picture: Instagram

After five years of chopping, changing and nurturing her natural hair, television and radio personality Carol Ofori has reached the point where she can safely say she knows quite a bit about what it takes to get your hair to grow.

While the presenter has often experimented with wigs and braids, Ofori admits that wearing her natural hair makes her feel most confident.

In a bid to celebrate natural hair, the media personality shared some tips to help other women who are looking to ensure their Afro is strong, healthy and shiny.

“I cut my hair in November 2016, I have been five years natural,” Ofori said in a statement before adding that she is loving the journey she has undertaken with her natural hair.

Here are Carol’s five main tips for growing strong natural hair.

1. Moisture is your hair’s best friend

According to Carol, the key to getting any Afro to look good is keeping it moisturised.

“It’s very important to find that sweet spot when washing your hair. Wash your hair often enough while making sure you don’t over wash your hair,” she said.

“Water is your Afro’s best friend. The more water you put into your Afro, along with moisturising products, the better.”

2. Use products to keep your hair healthy

Finding the right products to meet your specific hair or natural hair needs is not always the easiest process, but it is essential.

“The biggest thing about having an Afro is to give it lots and lots and lots of love – and moisturising products help do just that,” said Carol.

“I love using argan oil as well as avocado and grapeseed oil to help lock in the moisture. These oils are really good for your hair and help keep your Afro shiny.”

Carol swears by moisturisers that have either coconut oil or shea butter and other moisturising properties to keep her natural hair looking its best.

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3. Wear protective hairstyles

The secret to this step is in its name. Hair types that have strands and are coily in their natural state need to be protected from the elements. Hair styles that keep the hair tucked away can help minimise breakage – the biggest cause of hair loss.

“When it comes to changing your hairstyles, it’s important to keep your natural hair in an environment that promotes growth.

“Braids and cornrows and other hairstyles that protect your natural hair are the best way to ensure growth and healthy hair.”

4. Section out your hair while combing

When it comes to combing your natural hair, Ofori explains that sectioning your hair during this process is incredibly important.

“Don’t just take a comb and comb it. Section it into four sections and then comb each section separately and give it a lot of love – it will make all of the difference.”

5. Never sleep with your afro out

Not only does sleeping with your Afro in its loose state flatten the hair, the friction from your pillowcases can also make your hair more prone to breaking.

“Try to twist it out if you can. Use some of the moisturising products before bed while doing this and use it again every morning when you remove the twists from your hair. Trust me, this is a gamechanger,” advises Ofori.

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