Renate Engelbrecht
Content producer
2 minute read
9 Dec 2021
9:31 am

Actress Donnalee Roberts launches hot new summer fashion range

Renate Engelbrecht

Donnalee Roberts’ The Romantic Collective’s new holiday fashion range is all the rave, with pretty prints and tongue-in-the-cheek mermaid tees.

The Romantic Collective fashion range. Picture: Instagram

Talented actress, writer, producer and filmmaker Donnalee Roberts has recently launched her company, The Romantic Collective’s holiday fashion range, Endless Summer, and it certainly epitomises the essence of a summer vacation, sun-kissed skin and golden sunsets.

Donnalee is the designer and owner of The Romantic Collective and she and a couple of Afrikaans celebs played around on the beach for the newly launched fashion range’s shoot.

The models include the likes of celebrity makeup artist and stylist, Suna Robberts, influencer Katinka Die Kat and model and Boer Soek ’n Vrou presenter Marciel Hopkins.

The Romantic Collective’s Endless Summer Capsule boasts a variety of fun, brightly coloured and palm tree themed items, as well as T-shirts with a hint of humour, like the Mermaid Tee in which you can swop adulting with being a mermaid for a day. The Easy Breezy Trousers and fun high-waisted, textured cotton dipinto summer shorts will undoubtedly be a hit this season, not to mention the Mojito Sunset Wrap Skirt and the Sea Breeze Dress.

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In a recent Instagram post, Donnalee wrote that she could not wait for the Endless Summer capsule’s launch, hinting that it was inspired by a tropical state of mind. The photos of the fashion range’s shoot are lovely with beautiful basket- and umbrella details on the beach.

In a video showcasing behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot, the celeb models bring all the summer feels, making young and old yearn for a summer holiday by the beach.

Donnalee writes: “Palm trees, ocean breeze, colourful streets and Cuba feels. We love summer. So much, we wish it would never end!”

She says this season it’s all about mixing and matching, popping colours, textures and resort-wear comfort.

The Endless Summer fashion range is certainly reason enough to turn up the volume and chase the sun this summer, especially if you can do it in a flowy skirt or in breezy trousers.