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26 Jul 2022
5:16 pm

Daily hacks: How to easily alter your heels for a perfect fit

Lerato Maimela

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A woman trying on a range of shoes. Picture: iStock

Finding the perfect fitting shoes and heels can be somewhat of a challenge, especially if your foot does not lie in the usual and standard shoe sizes that are found online or in stores.

You may find that you need to either buy shoes that are slightly too big, or a little too tight, making them very uncomfortable when wearing them or walking in them for too long.

These tips and tricks shared by Fashion Zone 77 on Pinterest will help you alter your favourite pairs of heels, which may not fit properly, and ensure that you can wear them more often.

Toe pain

Tight heels tend to cause a lot of pain, especially by your toes. Wearing a bigger shoe size is sometimes not an option because this may result in you owning big shoes that are super loose, and this may be uncomfortable when walking around in them.

If your favourite pair of heels are slightly tight and cause some pain around your toes when wearing them for a specific amount of time, then take some tape and tape the last two toes on your foot together.

Putting your toes together could help in creating some breathing space in your heels, which would result in your toes not being squeezed against the shoe.

Aching toes from wearing tight shoes. Picture: iStock

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Heels too slipper

If your shoes have no grip on the floor and usually make you trip or slip, then find a nail filer and file the bottom of your shoe.

This will create a rougher surface on the bottom of your shoe, and allow for you to have a firm and steady grip on the ground when you are walking and taking steps.

Big heels which are not the correct size. Picture: iStock

Stinky feet

If you struggle with sweaty and smelly feet when wearing heels or any other shoes, you can simply solve the problem by applying some baby powder inside the shoes to stop your feet from sweating profusely, and to avoid any odours from forming in the shoe.

Aching toes from wearing tight shoes. Picture: iStock

Loose heels

Often times it is difficult to find the perfect shoe size in a pair of heels that have caught your eyes online or in store, which means that you might have to settle on a size that is either slightly too big or small for your feet.

If you find yourself owning a slightly loose pair of heels, and would love to wear them frequently, then a trick you could try is spraying hairspray inside the heels.

The hairspray will dry out and create a grip around the inside of the shoe, allowing for your foot to grip onto the inner part of the shoe, thus ensuring that its not too big or loose and uncomfortable when walking.

A slippery pair of red heels. Picture: iStock