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5 Aug 2022
4:00 pm

Daily hacks: Get smudge-proof foundation thanks to a glass of water

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Flawless makeup look using liquid foundation. Picture: iStock

Constantly on the lookout for the best way to have an ever-fresh complexion and foundation that stays perfectly in place, TikTokking beauty fans are fascinated by this new trend: the water foundation trick which sees them pouring a few drops of foundation into a glass of water before applying it.

A fresh, glowing complexion and makeup that lasts all day that resists transfer… The promises of this latest TikTok trick sound nothing short of amazing.

Liquid foundation and a glass of water are the only ingredients needed for this supposedly “magic potion.”

Popularized by Huda Kattan, the founder of the Huda Beauty brand, who tried it out after seeing the hack demonstrated by other influencers, the trend is now generating over eight million views under the hashtag #waterfoundation.

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The hack is getting a lot of attention on the Chinese social network. TikTokers are often surprised and impressed by the result, especially when they do a transfer test on the foundation, as very little if any of the foundation transfers onto the fabric used.

According to Tiktoker @rachelrigler, soaking your foundation in water separates the oil, which is then on the surface of the water and adds a moisturizing effect to the skin.

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This will give you a more radiant complexion that can withstand the day’s trials and tribulations without moving.

While the technique seems to get the seal of approval for efficacy, it comes with some disadvantages. First of all, it is rather expensive.

A fairly large amount of foundation needs to be mixed with water. It is also quite difficult to get the foundation at the bottom of the glass.

The influencers use the back of their brushes, but the texture is slippery making product loss probably.

Finally, the technique is quite messy: seeing the residues floating on the water, and ending up with foundation all over your hands and brushes, can slow down many people.

While this new TikTok trend seems to offer potential for makeup that withstands the summer heat and is easy enough to try out, it’s perhaps not the case for doing it on a daily basis.

All that said, who would have thought that moisturizing your skin would start with moisturizing your foundation?

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