Shenrina Badri
1 minute read
16 Oct 2017
3:23 pm

How to make a salad that is kind to your weight

Shenrina Badri

Enjoy a salad that is not only delicious but kind to your weight too.

Chicken salad. Picture: iStock

Here are some things to bear in mind when preparing a salad, if you are watching your weight.

Load up on greens

Load your salad with lots of green leafy vegetables – the bigger the variety, the more different nutrients you will get. Leafy greens make an excellent base for your salad.

Throw in the vegetables

Add a small variety of colourful vegetables to the greens. Peppers are always a great option as they are loaded with vitamins and come in various colours too!


Try including a healthy source of protein to your salad. A handful of cooked legumes or even grilled, lean chicken are common additions. Try turkey for a slight, healthy and delicious variation.

Salad dressing

Be wary of salad dressings as they are often very high in calories. Sometimes it may not be necessary to include a dressing at all.

Portion size

Remember to be cautious of just how much of certain ingredients you add to your salad. Whilst some ingredients are healthy, they should not be overeaten as they can add more calories to your meal. Nuts and cheese are examples of such foods. Watch your portion size when eating these foods.

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