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1 Nov 2017
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How to create a great shisanyama experience

Citizen Reporter

Chef Benny believes the mark of a great shisanyama experience is usually found in its signature flavour and the quality of the ingredients used to create the meal.

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Popular local chef and television personality, chef Benny Masekwameng, shares some tips on creating a great shisanyama experience.

What is it about a shisanyama that makes it the ultimate hangout for you?

It’s the perfect combination of good food and great beer enhanced by a great vibe and good friends.

What should people look out for when looking for a great shisanyama?

I always look for places that combine fresh, good quality meats and ingredients. They should offer a variety of meats, sides and entertainment to suit all tastes and the beer should always be cold!

Chef, can you share your top tips on creating you own shisanyama experience at home?

1. Your three essential ingredients include: great company, great food and 100% pure beer

2. The secret to creating great shisanyama starts with getting the fire right. Once you have a good fire going, the rest is easy.

3. Get the temperature of the fire right with the palm test. If your palm feels too hot, the fire is ready. If you can keep it there for five seconds or more, the temperature is too low — either lower the grill closer to the fire or add hot coals.

4. Buy the best quality meat available for your budget and keep at room temperature at least 30 minutes prior to braaing.

5. When using seasoning spices or a basting sauce, do so moderately. You don’t want to overpower the delicious true flavour of a good quality cut of meat. Enhance the natural flavour of the meat by marinating with a small amount of salt, pepper, olive oil, garlic and/or herbs.

What’s your favourite recipe that adds a different twist to your shisanyama experience hosted at home?

My recipe for crumbed mealie pap is one for the books. Simply cook pap with sweetcorn, veg stock, butter and parsley. Once cool, cut into cubes and dust with flour. Dip in the egg mix and coat with panko crumbs before deep frying.

The search is on for SA’s best shisanyama

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