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Adriaan Roets
2 minute read
22 May 2018
9:19 am

Lock, stock and wine barrel: Fokof Lager

Adriaan Roets

Fokof Lager is finding new and artistic ways to keep its customers thirsty.

The evolution of Fokof Lager is an exciting South African tale of determination.

It’s a range of beer that represents keen marketing, quality and widespread appeal. The fact that it’s tied into the band Fokofpolisiekar doesn’t eclipse the product.

It’s easy to get swept up in celebrity worship and settle for a mediocre beer if you like the artist but the truth is, the band is still quite a fringe unit and would not necessarily be able to fill a large stadium.

So how did the rock band get a beer named after it? Well, by being creative. Starting off with limited edition batches a few years ago, the marketing has evolved into a multi-level high-wire act, executed flawlessly.

The latest is an incentive to keep fans thirsty for more with a national competition where a participating bar, club or restaurant could win a free show by the band. The winning venue will be chosen based on how much of the beer they’re able to sell.

But running alongside this is something called bemark dit as kuns (market it as art). Fokof Lager is running a series of initiatives in which they want artists to submit their interpretations of the beer.

The first is a great video social media campaign by Duran Levinson. Coupled with these initiatives, there’s been a consistent release of new beers and the latest will be released on June 16 at Capital Craft Beer Festival in Pretoria.

Last year, Fokof Lager partnered with Jack Parow and his karate water, Parow Brandy, to form the limited edition Cape Cobra brandy stout. This year they are paying homage to punk with Snakehead.

The name is homage to drummer, Jaco “Snakehead” Venter, but it also sounds like a sweet bite of poison. Snakehead is Fokof Lager’s take on the British punk trash drink – Snakebite and black. Essentially, imagine Fokof Lager mixed with apple cider and a dash of blackcurrant syrup.