Adriaan Roets
4 minute read
19 Nov 2019
1:45 pm

Brik Café: Ethically conscious restaurant in the Rosebank fire station

Adriaan Roets

The restaurant is that rare sort of place where you can close your eyes and pick something at whim – and it will be extraordinary.

Brik Café. Picture: Facebook

Brick by brick, a house is only as strong as its foundation. At Brik Café in Rosebank its the local ingredients that create a menu that’s not only vibrant but also able to hold its own for picky eaters who want more that steak and potatoes. In fact, at Brik some of the meat-free dishes show a lot more culinary chutzpah than its meat-based counterparts. There’s also something really wholesome at play. Brik combines Art Deco, postmodern and mid-century modern stylings with the vibrancy of Rosebank as well as the excitement that is part of the Rosebank firehouse. Add to...