Sandisiwe Mbhele
Lifestyle Journalist
2 minute read
25 Nov 2020
12:14 pm

Feeling peckish? Try chicken feet in can, or polony-flavoured cheese

Sandisiwe Mbhele

'We saw a gap in the market. At times people don't have electricity but this is a quick meal,' said Tin Stuf sales exec Ditsie Moagi.

Chicken feet and necks from Tin Stuf. Picture: Supplied

These new food items at your nearest supermarket will surely grab your attention.

A product that has received as much attention as Clover’s polony-flavoured cheese flavour is Tin Stuf chicken feet and necks.

Based in Tzaneen, Limpopo, the product was introduced a couple months ago. The chicken feet and necks in broth are packaged usually with six feet and three necks in the tin.

Tin Stuf, started in 2017, is owned and operated by the Drake family and provides employment for about 900 people in the canned food, agricultural and forestry industries, according to its website.

Sales executive Ditsie Moagi said the chicken feet were their flagship product.

“We saw a gap in the market. At times people don’t have electricity but this is a quick meal. You do not need a stove or microwave to prepare, you can consume it straight out of the can.”

Moagi said the chicken feet and necks had a shelf life of two years, and has no preservatives or colourants too.

Tin Stuf chicken feet and necks served with pap. Picture: Supplied

“We have had a good response by customers. We are majorly based in Limpopo and people are buying in numbers. We do provide our products around the country too including Gauteng.”

Meanwhile, some consumers were unimpressed with Clover’s new product.

Clover SA brand manager Danette van Niekerk said: “We know South Africans love adding both cheese and polony to their kota’s, magwinyas and sandwiches. Because of this, we launched new polony-flavoured cheese slices. It’s the great taste of cheese and polony all in one cheese slice, which means consumers can save money by buying one product instead of two.”

The polony-flavoured cheese contains no meat and is also halaal certified, she added.

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